Business Goal: Save Cost on Legacy Phone Systems

Business Case: All business’ with a legacy phone system and/or multi-site

Customer Benefits:
-Single centralised cost and point of contact for support
-Where possible reductions in headcount
- Customer Service & experience, flexible working policy, deploy or consolidate video


Business Goal: Increase Video Usage and reduce Cost of ownership

Business Case: Any business with legacy video and voice systems

Customer Benefits:
-Increased video usage and productivity
-Reduced cost of ownership


Business Goal: Reduce internal travel cost and have more budget customer travel

Business Case: Any business with geographically spread customer base

Customer Benefits:
-Assess current travel costs – internal & external
-Unnecessary travel cost reduced
-More budget available for customer facing


Business Goal: Increase Sales team Performance

Business Case: Cisco or other well known examples from Business

Customer Benefits:
-Face to face selling will increase close and sell up rate
-Opens selling channels where it is not economically viable to man
-Can be deployed in service relevant locations
-Maximises workforce productivity and customer availability


Business Goal: Reduce Cost by Automating Key Tasks

Business Case: Cisco or other well known examples from Business

Customer Benefits:
-Deploy CCX and use reporting to size of the problem
-Calculate the cost per query based on headcount etc.
-Deploy self service portal with speech &/or IVR
-Position with ROI of CCX invest vs. Saving & xx to 1


Business Goal: Reduce email traffic within the Business

Business Case: All Business

Customer Benefits:
-For FREE Cisco provide: IM, Directory access, Click to dial Cisco Phone, Start Webex Meetings and Microsoft Office Integration

-Upgrading key users you can add: Full call control, video, control of 3rd party handsets “Extend and Connect”


Business Goal: Explore Collaboration features but Can’t Replace Current Phone System

Business Case: Any business not yet able to replace their existing phone system

Customer Benefits:
-Cost per month opex investment vs. capex
-Try many aspect of collaboration with no disruption to existing system
-Upgrade to full Cisco Collaboration when ready

Business Goal: Explore Cisco latest software feature

Business Case: Any business already own outdate Cisco voice Solution

Customer Benefits:
-Virtualization – Redundancy & Flexibility
-Video – Improve interaction & reduce travel
-Mobility – improve productivity
-Flexible working – retain key staff
-Improve Customer experience - drive revenue
-Reduce cost – ROI
-Applications – Customer relevance