Voip Fundamental and UC components

Why VoIP?

Understanding Analog Connectivity

Understanding Digital Connectivity

VoIP Foundations

Infranstructure for VoIP


Gateway&Trunks, CME

Ephones and Ephone-DNs

Understanding Voice CODECs

Connecting CME to Other Voice Systems

Understanding and Configuring Dial Peers - Lab

Manipulating Dialed Digits - Lab


CUCM admin&users, End Devices

CUCM Administration Overview

Supporting End Devices

Supporting End Users


CUCM Dial Plan, Class of Service

Understanding Dial Plan

Partitions and Calling Search Spaces


Unity Connection & IM&Presence

Unity Connection overview and basic configuration -Labs

Cisco Unified IM& Presence overview and basic configuration -Labs


Voice Troubleshooting

CME Troubleshooting

CUCM Troubleshooting